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There are thousands of different drones for sale on the internet these days. With so many drones to choose from it makes it so hard to actually pick one!
We have made your search a little more simple by putting what we think are some of the best drones you can buy into several different lists. Check out our different lists bellow.

drone flight time list

Longest Flight Time Drones

Ok so it is obvious from our website title that this is the first topic. We have compiled a list of the best drones with the longest flight times.
This list is what everyday people can buy. Most people searching for a drone are looking for one that are actually available to buy.
Some people are after military or industrial drones which we also have information on.
But for now we are catering for the vast majority that want to find something with a camera, easy to use, best battery life and under $4000.

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    We have more than just drones with long flight times! Check out our other in demand lists bellow


Long range drones

Once again this list is of everyday drones for sale that anyone can buy. There are longer range drones out there that are for industrial purposes but they cost an absolute fortune. If you have a budget under $4000 then this is the list for you.
These are still great products that many photography experts use to capture incredible video footage and photographs.

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Cheap Drones and Drones for Beginners

These are some of the best lower priced drones that we highly recommend for anyone learning to fly. You don’t want to go spending hundreds or thousands on an awesome drone with heaps of great features, that has been advertised as ‘easy to fly’.
Yes more expensive drones generally are easier to fly. But that’s not the point, if you have only had a couple hours practice with a cheaper drone this might not be enough and you could cost yourself a lot of money.
We highly recommend that you get a drone like one of these to practice with first. Get something that you can start flying indoors with no wind and then once you’ve had a good play with it over a few weeks then splash out and get one that has all the cool features.
When you are learning to fly, we suggest trying not to use the return home and out takeoff/land feature. Learn by taking off, landing and navigating your drone back without the help of the features supplied. This way when something goes wrong with your expensive drone (yes things do go wrong, features sometimes don’t work on even the best drones) then you will be able to take control and keep it from crashing.
Anyway that’s enough lecturing for now, here is a list of the best drones for beginners.

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Selfie Drones

These drones can be great fun! Just remember not to put your face to close to the blades when these mini gizmos are flying. Also if it is too windy sometimes selfie drones aren’t the best. For windy conditions the Wingsland S6 is the best as it handles it incredibly well for such a small drone.
Selfie drones can be used for general events like weddings and parties. They are also great for sporting events as some of them have the ‘follow me’ mode, where the drone will automatically follow you while you ride, race and jump.
It’s a good idea to get extra batteries for these as the flight time generally is no more than 10 minutes.

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Racing drones

Drone racing is growing more and more each year. With Drone Racing League’s event shown on ESPN last year it doesn’t look like the growth will be slowing down any time soon.
Flying these speed machines is incredibly entertaining! It can also be a little dangerous so make sure you fly them in an open underpopulated area.
This list is of the best racing drones you can by at the moment.
Some of them are RTF (ready to fly) and some are ARF (Almost ready to fly)