Selfie Drones

drones for sale, Selfie Drones
[ratings] Selfie drones, also refereed to as drones that follow you are a reasonably new to the market. As manufacturers are slowly perfecting the 'follow me' feature these drones are becoming more and more popular. It is expected that selfie drones will be the most purchased type of drone in the next few years. They are absolutely brilliant for taking aerial selfie videos and images. Also for filming sporting events, school events, weddings etc. As they are a lot smaller it is easier to transport and carry extra batteries for selfie drones. Understandably as they are used mostly for close footage they don't usually have a very long range. But they make up for it with some pretty cool features. Dji spark As soon as the dji spark was released…
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Best Drones For Beginners

When learning how to fly a drone you don't want to spend thousands on something that you are just going to crash. So these are the best drones for sale when you are just starting off. You'll find that when you first start off you will crash a lot, luckily these drones are very tough. You can usually crash these cheaper drones many times without destroying them. Also some of them have a pretty good camera so you can start getting your first Aerial video footage. The best thing about cheaper drones is that they are amazing fun!
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Longest Range Drones

drones for sale, Long Range Drones
How Do You Rate Our Post?[ratings] There are a few reasons for wanting a long distance drone, an Obvious advantage to having a drone which has a long flight range is that you can fly to places that are hard or impossible to get to with a vehicle of by foot. Some people have captured some amazing footage of mountains, inside caves, jungle, waterfalls and even inside live volcanos, because they have a good quality drone with a good signal strength. The world of drones has been responsible for new discoveries like Ancient petroglyphs on cliffs in Utah and a 1000 year old city in New Mexico, which may have never been found without this new technology. Usually when you see the advertisement for a drone they give you the…
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Longest Flight Time Drones

drones for sale, long flight time drones
[ratings] These are the best drones that you can get for under $2000 with a long battery life meaning more flight time. Other drones are available that can fly for longer but they are generally used for Industrial or military purposes. Advantages of buying one of these drones is that you don't need to stop and swap batteries so much obviously meaning you get more time in the air, better uninterrupted footage and more fun! Don't forget to visit our drones for beginners page if you have little to no flight experience as this will save you a lot of money in the long run. Lots of people read "fly's its self" or  "Easy to Fly" in advertisements and assume this means nothing can go wrong, but even expensive drones…
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