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These are the best drones that you can get for under $2000 with a long battery life meaning more flight time.
Other drones are available that can fly for longer but they are generally used for Industrial or military purposes.
Advantages of buying one of these drones is that you don’t need to stop and swap batteries so much obviously meaning you get more time in the air, better uninterrupted footage and more fun!

Best battery life
Don’t forget to visit our drones for beginners page if you have little to no flight experience as this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Lots of people read “fly’s its self” or  “Easy to Fly” in advertisements and assume this means nothing can go wrong, but even expensive drones crash. So before selecting one of the bellow long flight time drones for sale maybe get some experience flying something under $200.

30 mins Flight Time

Hubsan H109S X4 Pro

This Hubsan drone is very hard to beat with a long flight time of 30 minutes! It comes in a few different versions offering different gimble assemblies, the cheaper more affordable version has a 1 axis gimble which is fine for just your every day casual flyer and the slightly more expensive version has the 3 axis gimble for smoother video footage. Every version comes with a crystal clear full HD video camera.
You can always count on an accurate safe flight with GPS positioning, hover mode, auto return home with auto landing and one key take off and landing.
This drone averages 4.5 to 5 star reviews on almost any website you look at it for sale, meaning it is an extremely reliable machine and a fantastic purchase.

28 mins flight time

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone

Next best flight time drone goes to the Phantom 4. This incredible quadcopter can literally fly its self! It has follow mode and return to home features which coupled with incredible object avoidance make it one of the safest drones to fly. You can hit the return home button on the Phantom 4 and it will literally dodge objects as it makes its way back to you.

This highly advanced copter has a massive 5km flight range and a 4k camera so that you can capture beautiful footage. With the 28 minutes flight time you can get a lot of footage too!

27 mins Flight Time

DJI Mavic Pro

Unsurprisingly another DJI branded drone makes the list. You don’t have to be a Pro to fly the Mavic pro as just like the Phantom 4 it is packed with some pretty amazing features. One of them being the selfie mode, where you control the drone by moving your hands in front of it. Once you are ready to take a photo you simply make a square shape with your hands and the Mavic takes a 12MP photo after 3 seconds, Crazy!

Also the Mavic has subject follow mode, where just like auto face recognition it will remember a whole-body shape! Mavic will follow you around the race track or on the surf board filming in 4k.

Mavic is one of the bigger selfie drones on the market.

25 mins flight time

We have 4 worthy drones in our 25 minute category, in no particular order.

Parrot Bebop 2

This glass fibre reinforced drone is very strong and resilient to crashes. The Bebop’s camera is built into the drone and uses digital image stabilisation meaning no risk of gimble damage.
It has a fantastic image resolution of 14MP and a high quality HD video camera.
This drone is definitely the pick if you are looking for something a little less likely to be damaged by a crash.

Autell Robotics XStar Drone

This drone is a fantastic machine and probably doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.
With the XStar you can shoot amazing 4k ultra HD video footage at 30 frames per second or 720p at 240 Frames per second! That is incredible, imagine the slow motion videos you could create with a frame rate that quick!
It has an accurate GPS to help you fly and a 3 axis gimble to keep your 12MP photos clear and unblurred.

Yuneec Typhoon Pro


I call this drone the ‘super model’ of drones. Look at it! It is a fantastic looking machine. And not only does it look unreal, it has the features to match.
A 4k UHD video camera, 6 props for added stabilization and just like the Phantom 4, automatic flight modes with object avoidance sensors. Need I say more?

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet

Drone For GoPro

The Minivet is a lot of fun and the Wingsland brand is basically unheard of even though they have been around for a while now and make stuff for the military!
In the early days Wingsland had a few problems with their drones but now they have made up for it by producing strong top-quality products.
the latest 2017 version of the Scarlet minivet has been a great success and comes at an incredibly low price under $350. For a drone with a 3 axis gimbal, full HD video, return home safety feature, GPS guidance and the 25 minute flight time I give it top pick for value for money!

23 mins Flight Time

DJI Phantom 3

Once again another top quality DJI drone has made the list.
The 3 has less features than its more advanced brother the phantom 4 but it is still a very nice reliable drone with all the safety features you need to fly confidently.
Phantom 3 films videos in HD and takes nice 12 megapixel images.
It has basically all the same features as the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet, like GPS, Return home and auto take off/Landing.

22 mins Flight Time

3DR Solo

The 3DR is not as popular as the big brand DJI but it performs jut as well. For this drone you can get a 25 minute flight time or a true 22 minute flight time with the Go pro and gimbal attached.
Go pro HERO 3 and HERO 4 are both compatible and safely attach to the gimbal.

19 mins Flight Time

Hubsan H501s

Hubsan have made another great value for money drone. You can generally find the H501s for under $250.
It is very well made like all Hubsan drones. Also for such a low price you get some pretty cool features. Follow me mode, full HD video recording, GPS, return home function and obviously the 19 minute flight time are all packed into this quadcopter.

15 mins Flight Time

RCtown Brushless Drone

This drone is a good one for learning with, as it is pretty simple and you actually have to fly it. It does not have the advanced features like the others but it is well made and resilient to being damaged in a crash.

Just like the 3DR solo, RCtown’s drone needs a go pro to take video footage.

In conclusion, the Hubsan H109s X4 does have the longest flying time and is a great value and well-made Quadcopter.
If you are willing to sacrifice a few minutes flight time for more features then I’d probably go something like the Phantom 4, Mavic or Yuneec Typhoon as they are highly sophisticated and have an extremely good name. But they also come at a bit more of a cost to your wallet.

If you are wanting a great budget drone go for the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet. For such a great quality drone at such a cheap price you can’t go wrong.

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Wingsland.org has released a similar page to this one which has been quite controversial in the drone world due to the fact that their are drones on their page that are not actually the wingsland brand. have a look at there page wingsland.org/longest-flight-time-drones and let us know what your think about it.


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