Where Not To Fly a Drone

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When you get a drone for the first time, it is likely that you will want to get out and start flying it straight away. It’s important to first read up on local laws and regulations,  so you don’t end up with a heavy fine for flying your drone in a place where it is illegal to do so. Here, we summarize some of the main places where drone flight is forbidden, so you can enjoy your drone safely and legally. If you are flying a drone for recreational use, thankfully there are not too many rules, so you can enjoy your drone! There are a few places where you should definitely not fly however, such as near airports or other aircraft. If you plan to use a drone within…
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Longest Flight Time Drones

drones for sale, long flight time drones
[ratings] These are the best drones that you can get for under $2000 with a long battery life meaning more flight time. Other drones are available that can fly for longer but they are generally used for Industrial or military purposes. Advantages of buying one of these drones is that you don't need to stop and swap batteries so much obviously meaning you get more time in the air, better uninterrupted footage and more fun! Don't forget to visit our drones for beginners page if you have little to no flight experience as this will save you a lot of money in the long run. Lots of people read "fly's its self" or  "Easy to Fly" in advertisements and assume this means nothing can go wrong, but even expensive drones…
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