Where Not To Fly a Drone

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When you get a drone for the first time, it is likely that you will want to get out and start flying it straight away. It’s important to first read up on local laws and regulations,  so you don’t end up with a heavy fine for flying your drone in a place where it is illegal to do so. Here, we summarize some of the main places where drone flight is forbidden, so you can enjoy your drone safely and legally. If you are flying a drone for recreational use, thankfully there are not too many rules, so you can enjoy your drone! There are a few places where you should definitely not fly however, such as near airports or other aircraft. If you plan to use a drone within…
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Longest Range Drones

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How Do You Rate Our Post?[ratings] There are a few reasons for wanting a long distance drone, an Obvious advantage to having a drone which has a long flight range is that you can fly to places that are hard or impossible to get to with a vehicle of by foot. Some people have captured some amazing footage of mountains, inside caves, jungle, waterfalls and even inside live volcanos, because they have a good quality drone with a good signal strength. The world of drones has been responsible for new discoveries like Ancient petroglyphs on cliffs in Utah and a 1000 year old city in New Mexico, which may have never been found without this new technology. Usually when you see the advertisement for a drone they give you the…
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