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There are a few reasons for wanting a long distance drone, an Obvious advantage to having a drone which has a long flight range is that you can fly to places that are hard or impossible to get to with a vehicle of by foot.

Some people have captured some amazing footage of mountains, inside caves, jungle, waterfalls and even inside live volcanos, because they have a good quality drone with a good signal strength.
The world of drones has been responsible for new discoveries like Ancient petroglyphs on cliffs in Utah and a 1000 year old city in New Mexico, which may have never been found without this new technology.

Usually when you see the advertisement for a drone they give you the flight range and flight time, but these figures are always the best that drone can achieve, why would a company give the lowest figure? Then people would just go for another company advertising the best range they have achieved.

So keep in mind that if you read a drone can fly 1000 meters, that is in good conditions with low signal interference.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have little to no time flying a drone then you should read our beginners page first and buy a drone that is cheaper than these to learn with, it will most probably save you money in the long run. Even though all of these top range drones are marketed as easy to fly (and they are), things can still go wrong.

List of best long range drones

DJI Inspire 2

7km (4.35 miles) Flight Range

One of the best camera drones that you can buy on the market today is the inspire 2,

It has 2 batteries which are on board and produce a fantastic 27 minutes of flying time.

The return home and follow me features are made safe by the object avoiding sensors places in multiple locations around the drones body

If you get the high quality camera for this drone you can shoot up to 5.2k video footage.

DJI Mavic Pro

7km (4.35 miles) Flight Range

Mavic is a brilliant drone that is designed to be taken wherever you travel. Its all 4 arms fold up so that the Mavic can fit easily inside a bad or backpack and still leave room for other things to be put in.

Just because it is small does not mean that it isn’t a smart drone. The Mavic just like the inspire 2 can sense an avoid objects as it flies.

It has a super clear 4k camera which can shoot 12 megapixel stills, the battery can last up to 27 minutes which coupled with a top speed of 65kph (40mph) it can fly out to a range of up to 7km.

DJI Phantom 4

5km (3 miles)
Pro Version 7km (4.35 miles) Flight Range

There are 3 drones in the phantom 4 range, on this page we are talking about the most basic model which is the plan phantom 4 with a range of 5km (3miles). The Phantom 4 pro has a range of 7km.

Phantom 4 has front object avoidance whereas the pro has front and side avoidance also. Both models have ground sensors on the bottom of the units for a nice easy take off and smooth landing.

Phantom 4 has TapFly where you can just tap a path on your controller and it will fly that path while avoiding objects.
ActiveTrack is another feature, better known as ‘follow me mode’, the active track works by the piolet selecting on screen what they want the Phantom 4 to follow. No bracelet is needed for this, just select a person, car, boat or whatever you want to track and the DJI will remember the image and follow it, filming and dodging opticals at the same time.

The camera is once again 4k and 12 megapixel.

Yuneec Typhoon H

1.6km (1 Mile) Flight Range

Finally a drone that is not DJI (not that they don’t deserve to be on a list multiple times)
The Typhoon is a brilliant, high quality, strong and also light quadcopter that has a lot of the same brilliant features as the DJI range.

It has 6 highly powerful motors that give this drone extra stability and control, especially in windy conditions. If one motor ever fails or is to become damaged the Yuneec Typhoon will adjust and fly safely enough with 5 motors to get it home. With all 6 motors working a top speed of 70kph (43.5mph) can be done.

Just like the DJI range this drone has object avoidance sensors on the front which will allow Yuneec to safely return home without hitting any objects on the way.

If the battery gets to low the Yuneec typhoon drone will land before it is to late and any damage is done.

Of course, a drone of this quality can film in 4k and take 12 MegaPixel stills.

Upair One

800 meters (Half Mile) Flight range

We thought a cheaper drone needs to be added to the list, and if you need even cheaper drones again take a look at our beginner drone page.

The UPair One is a cheap drone for sale but it is still made to the highest quality and is a fantastic drone to make a start with your Ariel photography ventures.

It has a flight range of up to 800 meters and a battery like of 18 minutes .

It has a better than full HD camera, it can film in 2.7k video and take 8 MegaPixel photos.

Handy features like return to home, low battery alarm, flight path and auto take-off are also included within this lower rage smart drone.

For a drone which has an average 4 star rating on amazon and can be purchased for under $300 you cannot go wrong with the UPair One.

Drone flight ranges vary from as little as 10 meters up to 6,000 meters depending on you’re budget.
Having a greater flight range does have its advantages.
Many drone companies state the longest range of their product, in the best conditions. This means if you get a drone that can go 800 meters and want to get footage 100 meters away then you are probably safer to find a drone for sale with a range of 1000 meters.
The high range number you have the more you wont want to go back to a short range drone. Being able to fly further away and capture images and video footage is an incredible thing.
Its not only great for capturing footage and knowing you have less chance of losing signal, it’s also great to show off 😉

Just remember that if you are just learning how to fly then the best drone for your money is a small cheap one that won’t cost the bank. Its no good paying for an expensive drone that you will just crash anyway.



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