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Selfie drones, also refereed to as drones that follow you are a reasonably new to the market. As manufacturers are slowly perfecting the ‘follow me’ feature these drones are becoming more and more popular. It is expected that selfie drones will be the most purchased type of drone in the next few years.
They are absolutely brilliant for taking aerial selfie videos and images. Also for filming sporting events, school events, weddings etc.
As they are a lot smaller it is easier to transport and carry extra batteries for selfie drones.
Understandably as they are used mostly for close footage they don’t usually have a very long range. But they make up for it with some pretty cool features.

Dji spark

As soon as the dji spark was released it became the most popular selfie drone on the market.

Even though it hasn’t got a 4k camera the spark compensates for that with bench mark features.

Object avoidance sensors are built into the front of spark. When you select return to Home spark will automatically dodge and weave through obstacles in its path to safely make its way back to you. When you choose follow mode the DJI spark will avoid objects as it follows you, leaving any stress out of flying, so you can do what you need to do.

The feature that is most spoken about with the spark is the it’s hand gesture controls. Spark will move in the direction you tell it to, move to the left it will go left, wave to spark and it will fly 3 meters away from you for a wider shot, make a photo shape with your hands and it will wait a few seconds for you to make the correct pose and then it will take a selfie.

As you can see even though the DJI Spark for sale without a 4k camera it definitely makes up for it, and the full HD camera is a nothing to be ashamed of. It is attached to a gimbal which keeps your videos smooth and selfie blur free, the camera is super clear.

Spark’s battery can last up to 16 minutes which is also a great accomplishment for such a small drone.

Wingsland S6

Another brilliant selfie drone is the Wingsland S6.

The S6 comes with a fantastically clear 4k camera, making it the smallest 4k drone with camera on the market.

The S6 has optional attachments available. A flash light, all round object avoidance sensor, emoji screen and a cool gun that shoots little plastic balls can all be purchased separately for the S6.

The S6 doesn’t have hand gestures but it is super easy to control with your apple or android device. Just like the spark it comes with follow mode and return to Home features. The S6 in our opinion is the best looking selfie drone, its light tough body comes in heaps of different colors.

The S6 has the same range as the spark, about 100 meters from your device using WiFi.  The only downside to this drone is that it only has a 10 minute flight time. The positive thing is that the battery is interchangeable so you can buy a few extras for more enjoyable time in the air.

Carrying the S6 is made easy as it comes with a hard plastic case which can fit right in your pocket, since the drone is about the same size as a large smart phone. That’s why this drone is sometimes referred to as a pocket drone.

Be sure to get some add-on prop guards to protect the drone’s small blades from damage.

Yuneec Breeze

The breeze has the same quality camera as the Wingsland S6, it can take 13 megapixel photos and 4k videos.

Just like spark and S6 it can follow you while you do your activity.

Breeze has sensors on the bottom so it knows how far away it is from the ground.  These sensors make for a great auto take-off and landing at the push of a button in your iPhone or android app.

Breeze has a selfie mode and auto return home.

The breeze makes sharing your drone footage on social media nice and easy, it can be done instantly from the app. Just edit the footage if you need to, then write your comment and post to your favorite online social network.

ZeroTech Dobby Drone

The Dobby was the first of all the selfie drones on this page to enter the market.

The current model comes with a 4K camera, auto return to home and auto take-off and landing features.
Dobby is also fitted with an optical sensor on the bottom so that it can sense your hand for a palm landing. The sensor also helps with a smooth take-off and landing on the ground.
To go with Dobby’s cool palm auto landing feature there is also an auto take-off feature. This is where you place dobby on your palm and then tap the top of the drone, it will then take off and go into hover mode awaiting more instructions.
Just like the S6, Dobby doesn’t have the best flight time, but the battery can swapped for another one so you can take a few batteries and get a long flight time.

Elfie Drone

Elfie is the cheaper, more affordable selfie drone out of the bunch. It is also known as JJrc H37. The build quality camera and features are not the same as the other selfie drones but that doesn’t matter.

For under $50 you get a great little starter drone. It still has FPV mode like the other selfie drones so your download the drone app and then watch the drone in first person view on your mobile device live via WiFi.
Elfie has a nice 720p video camera and a 2MP picture camera. The flight time is about 8 minutes and the spare batteries are very cheap so you can buy a lot of them and make this drone a drone with 1 hour flight time if you like.

Elfie also has a gyroscope to help with altitude hold and hover mode. I has the easy to fly feature known as headless mode too which means if you pull the stick towards you the drone will come towards you, and if you push the control stick away from you the drone will move away, no matter which way the front of the drone is actually facing.


If you are looking for a top range selfie drone with 4k video you will have to go for the S6, Yuneec or Dobby, otherwise, if you are happy with HD footage go for the DJI spark as its features are currently unmatched.
For a cheap selfie drone the obvious choice is the Elfie.

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