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Toys in this era are of different varieties. These are toys generally seen on futuristic themed cartons (like the jetssons) and now they are a reality. You can therefore generally say technology of tomorrow is finally here, and it’s paving away for the toy industries. The toys of these era are not only built for fun but also to improve the skill of the child. Toys of nowadays are much more advanced with some interactive tech like you have never seen before.  Such interactive technology includes an augmented reality, hand held holograms and interactive devices.

Here we will list and discuss each of the top toys used in this era, they are as follows:

The razor overtrax 2.0

This is a self-balancing hands free scooter that has the ability of auto-balancing and a gyro-sensor which would give the kids a smooth and fast riding experience while they move forward or backward, around the corners or in a 360 degree spin. The manufacturers of this device recommend it for people of ages 9 and above. Anyone who grew up watching the movie ‘’Back to the future’’ we’re hoping that one day they would be able to ride this hover board which was driven by one of the lead roles Marty Mcfly. The 21st century version of this device driven by the lead role is the hovertrax 2.0. its auto self stabilization and great foot control steering, makes it easier to scoot around. It can move up to 8miles per hour and has up to 60minutes of continuous use due to the battery type.

Drone force; Angular Attack

This is a kid friendly drone. The angular attack is a remote-controlled device having the shape similar to the exoskeleton of an angular fish, this physical feature of this flying toy makes it quite interesting. Some other drones can be complex to use but the angular attack is not too advanced for kids to use with the ease of making use of this features sure as the one-touch takeoff and the landing.

Kids can use this drone to perform an electro-surge attack with great and luminescent LED light and glow effect which makes flying this drone at night makes it more fun/electrifying.

Virtual Reality Goggles

This is one of the latest toys that can take a kid into a new reality with a the virtual reality. Kid explorers watch customized discovery content with the use of this device, such content include Everest rescue or shark week and virtually on any other available virtual reality content either on apps in 360 degrees view or on the platform called YouTube. You can simply put your smartphone into the designated compartment on the remote control and slip the virtual reality goggle over your head and commence the virtual adventure. As kids moves with their heads and move around, they discover new things in every turn they make.

Official movie edition spider drone

This is a high tech drone use to film super hero movies preferably. It’s a functional replica of Spiderman’s eight-legged surveillance drone from the block buster movie Spider-man; Homecoming.

It has a comfortable flight controller inspired by the ‘spidey’ suit which includes a voice feedback trait from the film. This drone comes with a flight manual, media gallery and a checklist of flight achievements.

The kiddi -zoom smart watch DX2

As a kid I never thought I would be able to take picture or watch videos or play game directly from the watch attached directly to my wrist. Now it’s quite easy for kids to have a smart watch of their own desired features such as two cameras that enable them to capture from action photos to selfies.

The photos taken can even be customized by the use of an app called the Silly Me app. From the movie James Bond, the lead role James Bond motion sensor in the movie allows for active play challenges and movement tracking. This led to the creation of various invented games such as monster detectors which uses augmented reality that help the kids to find and capture monsters in the real world through the watches camera.


This list provided above in this article is not exhaustive, there are other toys that I used in the 21st century and the aim of each of this toys is not just for fun but to also improve the skill of a child. For instance the drones which are played wit by kids at a young age might get them ready for possible future jobs that involves the use of drones in different aspect of the society such as; security, journalism, agriculture, landscaping and so on.

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